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>Saison #5A (Saison Royale) Tasting & Recipe

>This recipe was an attempt to formulate a jumping-off point for playing with the Saison style. Saison has an enormous amount of flexibility flavor-wise, and I wanted to have a standard recipe that I could experiment with and build upon progressively, in order to explore the possibilities. It definitely needs some work, especially when it comes to yeast and fermentation (the essential ingredient in all beers, especially Saison), but it shows enough potential to be something to play with.

2011-013 Saison #5 (Saison Royale)

Brewed: 03/11/11

Racked to secondary: n/a

Kegged/Bottled: 03/21/11

Ready: 03/26/11

Batch Info


Batch Size: 5 Gallons (split)

Extraction Efficiency: 80%

OG: 1.058

FG: 1.003 (wow!)

IBU: 32

SRM: 4.7

Boil Length: 90 minutes

Grain Bill


German Pilsner Malt: 8lb (80%)

US Wheat Malt: 1lb (10%)

Belgian Cara-Wheat: 8oz (5%)

US Rye Malt: 8oz (5%)

Hop Bill


German Perle (6.5%AA): 28g @ 90 minutes

French Strisselspalt (2.9%AA): 14g @ 30 minutes

French Strisselspalt (2.9%AA): 14g @ 0 minutes



Whirlfloc: 1 tablet @ 15 minutes

Servomyces: 1 gelcap @ 15 minutes



75% Carbon Filtered San Bernardino Ground Water

25% RO Water



Fermenter A: East Coast Yeast ECY08 Saison Brassiere Blend

Fermenter B: East Coast Yeast ECY03 Farmhouse Brett

Mash Schedule


Sacch Rest: 150F for 90 minutes

Fly Sparge

Fermentation Schedule


Pitch @ 68F, freerise for 10 days



Quick Carb: 35psi, shake for 60 seconds



Appearance – Gold, a shade below copper. Three inch pillowy white head. Some staying power, with some fine lacing.

Smell – Fruit, biscuit and spice. Herbal. On the citrusy side. Earthy. Some funkiness. Taste – Big fruitiness up front, almost tropical. The herbal and spice notes blossom more in the back palate, with a light funkiness throughout. Slightly tart. Bitterness is pretty assertive, right where I like it.

Mouthfeel – A light sweetness from the crystal, with a quick and bone-dry finish. Very nice.

Thoughts – The mouthfeel, color and bitterness are spot-on where I’d like them, but I wanted more out of the yeast. I overpitched, so I’m sure the proper pitching rate would help considerably. I think the right pitching rate and a warmer fermentation temp would really add complexity and more of the spicy character I’m after. I also think upping the finishing hops would help add some extra dimension. I also am very much looking forward to tasting the Brettanomyces-spiked version called, what else, the Royale with Cheese.

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